DIY Easter Nails: Hop on the Top Trends for 2024

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That egg-citing time of year when chocolate eggs and pastel palettes reign supreme, Easter brings with it gentle manicures that are too sweet to miss. The season of soft, pastel polishes and adorable Easter-themed nail art has rolled in, and there’s no need to go hunting for your perfect set. We’ve rounded up the trendiest DIY Easter nail inspiration for 2024, to ensure your fingertips look as festive as you feel. Let’s hop to it!

Lilacs in the Spring Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Lilacs in the Spring Gel Nail Polish - photographed in New Zealand on model

A soft, pastel lilac will always spring to mind as the go-to hue for Easter manicures. Soothing the soul, this blooming gorgeous shade is gentle yet playful, for a holiday-ready set that’s straight out of your Pinterest board. Pastel perfection, Lilacs in the Spring has Easter written all over it, and what’s more, it looks equally as good on toes for a seasonally appropriate gel pedicure.

Go Bananas Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Go Bananas Gel Nail Polish - photographed in New Zealand on model

One of our newly released Easter Gel Nail Polishes, this cheerful shade has got everybody going bananas. Pastel yellow manicures have been majorly trending this year, and it’s no surprise why. All sunshine and smiles, Go Bananas promises to brighten up any day with its cute and cheeky vibe. Bunches of fun, this yellow Gel Nail Polish makes for manicures that are as sweet and full of life as the holiday itself.

Speckled Egg Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Speckled Egg Gel Nail Polish - photographed in New Zealand on model

Peep the best nail polish for EasterSpeckled Egg. A delicate shade that whisks together milky pink hues and soft speckles, this sweetie captures nostalgic Easter traditions, echoing the excitement of Easter egg hunts and your favourite chocolate surprises. Freshly hatched, Speckled Egg is a new addition to our nest and it’s been cracking smiles ever since. Delicate, dreamy and delightful, this gem promises an egg-quisite DIY Easter manicure.

Morning Glory Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Morning Glory Gel Nail Polish - photographed in New Zealand on model

A sky-blue pastel Gel Nail Polish, this beauty is inspired by the delicate petals of morning glory flowers. A fresh burst of light-hearted fun, it’s a colour that speaks to the heart of the holiday with its uplifting and serene spirit. Great as both a full-colour and a French Tip, Morning Glory is a versatile choice for your Easter manicures and beyond. From Hot Cross Bun-heavy brunches to afternoon scavenger hunts, this gentle hue will have you hopping with joy.

Pastels Gel Nail Polish Pack

Gelous Pastel Gel Nail Polish Pack - photographed in New Zealand on model

Bring Easter’s adorable palette to you with a multi-coloured pastel manicure. The sweetest set of them all, this look levels up your classic pastel look with an egg-stra cute Easter-y twist. Recreate it with our best-selling Pastels Gel Nail Polish Pack, a basketful of five beauties – Serene Green, Lemon Sorbet, Bubblegum, Blossom and Baby Blues. Year-round favourites, each shade looks just as great as full manicures for a dentist-approved Easter treat.

Mini Carrots Gel Nail Polish Art

Gelous Mini Carrots Easter Gel Nail Art - photographed in New Zealand on model

Easter Nail Art every bunny will adore, this mini carrot design has hopped straight into our hearts. Playful, cheerful, and oh-so-Easter, for this look, you'll need Trendsetter (an orange Gel Nail Polish), Cabin Fever (a dark-green Gel Nail Polish), Dotting Tools and a pack of Thin Nail Art Brushes. Start with your usual prep, and paint a sheer-nude base that complements your natural nail colour – French Kiss over Base Coat and Builder Gel is a great choice for all skin tones.

To create your carrots, begin with a dot of Trendsetter, before tapering this out with a Thin Nail Art Brush to form your pointed shape. From here, it’s all in the detail – use a stark white Gel Nail Polish paired with your Thin Nail Art Brush to draw dimensional lines across the carrot, and Cabin Fever to paint the carrot top. Seal with a glossy Top Coat to keep them looking fresh for all your festivities. Definitely Easter Bunny-approved.

Looking for a tutorial?

To recreate this look, watch our 'Mini Carrots' Easter Nail Art Tutorial on YouTube.

Daisy French Tips Gel Nail Polish Art

Gelous Daisy French Tips Gel Nail Art - photographed in New Zealand on model

Cute-as-a-button, this DIY Easter manicure smiles back at you. A darling duo of pastel yellow French Tips and delightful daisy decals, could you get any sweeter? If you’re one to shy away from designs with tips due to difficulty, fear not, our French Nail Tip Guides make creating French Tips easy and we’ll help you hop your way through it. First, after applying your sheer base, wipe the nail with Gel Nail Polish Remover to ensure the Guide sticks. Once pressed down below your nail tip, paint our sweet yellow Gel Nail Polish, Go Bananas, to the area above the guide before gently pulling it away. All you’ll then need to do is tidy up with a Thin Nail Art Brush and cure.

You’ll be ‘hoppy’ to ‘hare’, our Oopsie Daisies Nail Stickers are even easier to apply. For these, wipe the nail with Remover once again, and pull off your favourite decal using Nail Art Tweezers. Place on your nail, push down using a Silicone Tool and finish with a thin layer of Top Coat. A cheerful combo that embodies the happiness of Easter, this design would look equally as sweet on shorter nails with micro–French Tips.

Looking for a tutorial?

To recreate this look, watch our 'Daisy French Tips' Easter Nail Art Tutorial on YouTube.

Matte Speckled Swirls Gel Nail Polish Art

Gelous Matte Speckled Swirls Easter Gel Nail Art - photographed in New Zealand on model

Pastel nail lover, but on the hunt for a design that’s a little bit more fun? This Easter manicure is egg-cellent for you. A sweet design that pairs speckled swirls with Matte Top Coat, you’re guaranteed to have a spring in your step. For this look, start with our dreamy Speckled Egg Gel Nail Polish on your Thin Nail Art Brush, and paint a wavy swirl over the tip of your nail. There’s no need for egg-sact presion with this, just have fun with it. Once you’re happy, simply fill it in with your Nail Art Brush or polish brush.

To tie the look together, outline your swirls with Black Gel Nail Polish, and for the final touch, finish with a swipe of Matte Top Coat to replicate the soft texture of freshly discovered eggs. Hatching a different vibe compared to your classic, glossy manicures, this Easter nail art is a real treat. Candy-coated Speckled Eggs, anyone?

Looking for a tutorial?

To recreate this look, watch our ‘Matte Speckled Swirls’ Easter Gel Nail Art Tutorial on YouTube.

Gold Glitter Bunny Stickers Gel Nail Polish Art

Gelous Gold Glitter Bunny Stickers Nail Art Stickers - photographed in New Zealand on model

This may as well be titled, ‘Quick and Easy Easter Nail Art’. Did your ears perk up too? These Gold Glitter Bunny Nail Stickers are a firm favourite for any Easter manicure – effortlessly paired with any Gel Nail Polish shade or coloured French Tip. To apply Nail Decals, simply wipe your nail with Gel Polish Remover to remove the tacky layer, pull off your floppy-eared favourite using Nail Art Tweezers, place, push down with a Silicone Tool, and continue your manicure as usual. Perfect for accent nails or full sets, we think these cuties would also look great on the tips of your nails.

To achieve the manicure pictured, begin with a sheer base like Spilt Milk to create a minimalist backdrop that allows the Bunnies to shine. We’ve chosen to accentuate the look with a classy nude French Tip using Kiss and Tell, but you could go as neutral, pastel, or bold as you like. After applying your sweet Easter Nail Decals, dress your nails with our thicker Rubber Top Coat and cure. It’s bunny hops and glitter pops all Easter with this adorable, easy gel mani.

With Easter just a hop, skip and jump away, what better way to get egg-cited for the holiday than with an adorable DIY Easter gel manicure? Pick your favourite nail inspo and hatch a fresh look with Gelous’ Vegan & Cruelty Gel Nail Polish. From all of us here at Gelous, we hope you have a Happy Easter filled with sweet treats, sweet moments, and even sweeter manicures. We’d love to see your holiday-ready sets, show us by tagging!

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