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Nail Art Brushes - 11 Pack


Create beautiful and intricate nail art with this set of high quality Nail Art Brushes.

There's more to creating the perfect nail art at home than just the technique. The tools you use are half the battle!

Watch our nail art tutorial videos here.

This set uses vegan bristles made from synthetic fibers and includes all the Nail Art Brushes you need for for:

  • Drawing lines.
  • Painting artwork.
  • Creaing ombre fades.
  • Marbling.
  • Dotting.


Nail Art Brush Uses

  • BRUSH 1 Detail Brush: use for adding details to your nail art and outlining. 
  • BRUSH 2-3 Striping Brush: use for creating stripes, lines and animal patterns. You get straight lines with these brushes with ease. 
  • BRUSH 4-5 Oblique Brush: use for drawing flowers or freehand, curved designs. It is very easy to double load two colours while using because of its angled bristles. These brushes can also be dipped in acetone and used for cleaning up around the nail.
  • BRUSH 6 Pointed Brush: a very versatile brush used for painting various designs.
  • BRUSH 7-8 Flat Brush: use for painting long, fluid strokes of colour, filling backgrounds, blending and shading. These brushes can also be dipped in acetone and used for cleaning up around the nail.
  • BRUSH 9 Dotting Brush: use for making small dots and pulling dots into other shapes.
  • BRUSH 10 Ombré Brush: use for blending two colours to create an ombré effect.
  • BRUSH 11 Fan Brush: use for shading, creating swirls and sprinkling glitter.

Nail Art Brush Directions

Prepping Your Nail Art Brushes

  1. Take the protective plastic sleeve off your new Nail Art Brush.
  2. Your Nail Art Brushes will come with a hard layer on the bristles to protect them. This has to be fully removed before using them for the first time. Carefully "break" gum seal on your Nail Art Brush by lightly teasing the hairs of your brush. If you hold it up against a light you will see a fine "dust" coming from the brush, which is the hard layer being removed. Continue doing this until there is no "dust" remaining. 
  3. Once all residue has been removed you can start using your Nail Art Brushes to create nail art.

Cleaning Your Nail Art Brushes

  1. Clean your Nail Art Brushes immediately after you are done using them, and before storing again. 
  2. When cleaning your Nail Art Brushes, dampen a Lint Free Wipe with Nail Polish Remover and then use it to gently wipe the bristles whilst turning your brush in your hand to shape the bristles. Alternatively, you can also wipe or roll the brush along the surface of the Lint Free Wipe. Repeat until the brush is clean.
  3. Allow the brush to dry, then cover it with the plastic cap and store.

Nail Art Brush Storage

  • Store Nail Art Brushes with their protective caps on if they are provided with them.
  • Store flat, covered and away from sunlight.
  • Store away from dust and other contaminants.


  • Only use your Nail Art Brushes with the same type of polish / paint. For instance, if you use these brushes with Gelous Gel Nail Polish, you should not use them with acrylic gel after.
  • Make sure that you get all of the gel out of your Nail Art Brushes before storing, as if it's exposed to UV light, any gel in the bristles will harden.
  • Avoid skin contact with the bristles whenever possible, as oils from the body can deteriorate the bristles over time.
  • Avoid pressing down on the Nail Art Brushes vertically, as this can cause them to splay.