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We all know that a colour block manicure looks great, but sometimes we just wanna get a bit funky and try something different with some Gel Nail Art! Achieving the perfect nail art at home is more than just the technique, it’s the tools that make all the difference. So we've broken down the contents of our 11 Pack of Nail Art Brushes and what you can achieve with a combination of these brushes and our Gel Nail Polish.
  • 11 min read

Easter is just around the corner and there is lots to get egg-cited about (including some Easter inspired gel manicure ideas)!

We know we're excited for delicious chocolate, time off work to relax, spending time with family and friends to mention a few things. We figured why not add to that list and give you some Easter inspired manicures that will have you feeling extra festive and fun!

  • 5 min read
Keeping our customers safe and informed is really important to us, so we wanted to clear up a few questions that we get asked quite often about our Gel Nail Polish, Poly Gel, Nail Extension Forms, E-Files and more.
  • 4 min read
International Women's Day is here! At Gelous we are all about celebrating our fellow sisters and the incredible women that have helped to shape the past, present, and future. We have put together a list of Gel Nail Polish colours and Nail Art ideas that speak to all types of femininity. They're sure to have you feeling like the badass woman that you are.
  • 4 min read

We've rounded up some of our Valentine's Day manicure ideas to inspire you to wear your heart on your nails.

Red and pink are staples in most of our Gel Nail Polish collections all year round, but with love in the air this Valentine’s Day we’re confident you’ll want to be rocking one (or both) of these colours.

  • 4 min read
So, you’ve had your lovely gel manicure on for two weeks and the time has now come to remove and re-apply. We all know that the removal process is the least enjoyable step in keeping up that gorgeous looking mani. So, here’s some tips and tricks to make your Gel Nail Polish removal easy as pie!
  • 3 min read

After far too long in lockdown, we’re ready to bust out the festive Gel Nail Polish art and really go next-level. There's no wrong way to do Christmas nail art, but if you need some ideas let us introduce you to some of our favourite Christmas nail art creations. Subtle or flashy, cute or classy - there’s something for every vibe!

  • 9 min read
Taking some time for you is always important, so what better way to highlight the beauty in yourself than with a feminine manicure.
  • 7 min read
10 Free Gel Nail Polish provides you a healthier, safer, non toxic alternative to traditional nail polish brands. Being 10 Free means that here at Gelous we have crafted a Gel Nail Polish free of harsh chemicals that have been used in nail polish formulations globally.
  • 4 min read
Whether you’re at home or going out, Halloween is the perfect time to experiment with your Gel Nail Polish and create some epic nail art. We’ve created six spooktacular Halloween looks accompanied by tutorials to help guide you along the way.
  • 6 min read
Most of us know which Gel Nail Polish colours make us feel our most confident based on what colours look good against our skin tone, undertones and eye colour. But what about the shades that hold powerful energy and connect with our star signs?
  • 7 min read
Summer is nearly here, and what better way to dive into the warmer months than with these delightfully bright Gelous Gel Nail Polish shades. These pops of colour are guaranteed to lift you out of your winter blues. Here’s some of our favourite gel manicure colours for this summer season — they are sure to be your favourites too!
  • 2 min read

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