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Total Tool Pack


Save 15% with our Total Tool Pack - everything you need to apply and remove Gel Nail Polish easily and successfully.

This pack contains: Nail Polish Removal Clips (10 pack), Orangewood Cuticle Sticks (10 pack), Lint Free Wipes (100 pack), Nail File (100 grit / 180 grit) and Cuticle Oil (Osmanthus or Blueberry).

Cuticle Oil Fragrance: Osmanthus

  • Osmanthus
  • Blueberry
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Save 15% with our Total Tool Pack — everything you need to apply and remove gel nail polish easily and successfully. 

This pack contains: 
Nail Polish Removal Clips:

Our Nail Polish Removal Clips hold Lint Free Wipes tight against your fingers during the Gelous Gel Nail Polish removal process, which means you get even pressure across the nail, so every part of the gel comes up easily. Once they are on, you can let them do their magic while watching TV or chatting to a friend.

To use: soak a Lint Free Wipe in Nail Polish Remover and place on top of your nail. Clip on the Nail Polish Removal Clips, pressing down once your finger is inside. It is easiest to do the pointer finger and thumb of your dominant hand last, or do one hand at a time.

Orangewood Cuticle Sticks:

These have tapered ends and can be used for pushing back cuticles, cleaning under the nail, cleaning up excess Gel Nail Polish from around the nail before curing and removing Gel Nail Polish after soaking nails in acetone.

Dispose of Orangewood Cuticle Sticks after use. These cannot be disinfected, so it is unhygienic to use them multiple times.

Lint Free Wipes:

Gelous woven cotton Lint Free Wipes are ideal for wiping buffing dust and removing polish without leaving residue behind. They are durable, highly absorbent and designed to use with acetone, isopropyl alcohol, and polish remover.

Nail File:

This high quality Nail File is designed to work perfectly with our Gel Nail Polish.

Use 180 grit side (fine side) to file your natural nails to your desired shape, buff the nails before applying Gel Nail Polish, and push back your cuticles. Use the 100 grit side (rough side) of the Gelous Nail File, when removing your gel polish to break the seal and remove the shiny top coat.

As a general rule, if you’re a regular nail filer, you should hold onto your Nail File for no longer than three months. Keeping it any longer can lead to nail damage (as the buffing plates wear down) and a build-up of bacteria on your Nail File.

Cuticle Oil:

Our Cuticle Oil is enriched with a highly effective blend of organic calcium, safflower oil, natural keratin and Vitamin E to stimulate healthy nail growth and nourish your fingers. 

To use: remove the cap, twist end of pen to dispense Cuticle Oil, brush oil over the nail bed and cuticle and massage in. Use as often as desired. Only a small amount is needed to be effective. 

Our Cuticle Oil is available in two amazing scents: 

  • Our Osmanthus Cuticle Oil has a floral scent that reminds us of a calming beauty salon. It contains some of the white floral nuances of jasmine, some creamy apricoty notes that give it a fruity feel, and a touch of a powdery violet-like scent which makes for an inoffensive floral twist.
  • Our Blueberry Cuticle Oil has the scent of lush, fresh blueberries. 


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