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Manicure Removal Clips (10 pack)


Gelous Manicure Removal Clips hold Lint Free Wipes tight to the finger during the Gelous Gel Nail Polish removal process.

This means you get even pressure across the nail, so every part of the Gel Nail Polish comes up easily. Once they are on, you can let them do their magic while watching TV or chatting to a friend.


Manicure Removal Clips Directions

  • Soak a Gelous Lint Free Wipe in Nail Polish Remover and place on top of your nail.
  • Clip on the Gelous Manicure Removal Clips, pressing down once your finger is inside.
  • It is easiest to do the pointer finger and thumb of your dominant hand last, or do one hand at a time.
  • Read  our Application and Removal Guide to see when to use these in your gel manicure application and removal.


  • If the Gel Nail Polish doesn't come off easily after using these, you may need to soak your nails for longer. This could be because the nails weren't buffed enough, or the layers of nail polish were quite thick.