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11 Autumn Nail Ideas To Try

  • 5 min read

Extra layers. Heat pump on. Crisp mornings. Cooler nights. Breaking up with your summery brights. Must be autumn.

As we pull out our knits and reach for our jeans, autumn brings with it a season of sophisticated manicures. Whilst chocolate browns and classy neutrals are always in vogue, this year, autumn nail inspiration blends both rich hues and transitional pastels for fresh, on-trend sets. Whether you're after a cosy colour-blocked mani or an easy DIY nail design, we've got you covered with the best autumn gel nail ideas for 2024.

Bundle up in your favourite blanket and get cosy, time to find your set of the season!

Skip a Beet Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Skip a Beet Gel Nail Polish - photographed in New Zealand on model

A rich beetroot purple, this classy autumn nail polish is hard to ‘beet’. The chic sibling of the Cherry Red nails that took over NailTok, Skip a Beet brings a sultry vibe to your manicures with its juicy tones. So glam, this essential pairs perfectly with your autumnal Trench Coats and leather accessories for a luxurious look and feel. *Adds to wishlist*

Milk and Honey Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Milk and Honey Gel Nail Polish - photographed in New Zealand on model

Neutral, but fresh, this milky nude Gel Nail Polish is an autumn manicure staple. Anything but basic, Milk and Honey is a chic take on a classic, almost teetering on the brink of white. The perfect transitional shade and the best nail polish for the ‘clean-girl-aesthetic’ girlies, its soft, luxurious tones are so minimal and timeless. Wear it on its own or as a creamy French Tip for an especially classy set.

Wink My Way Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Wink My Way Gel Nail Polish - photographed in New Zealand on model

A darker take on one of the trendiest pastel Gel Nail Polish colours, Wink My Way is a periwinkle purple that’s effortlessly fresh. Delicate and feminine, it’s another sweet summer-autumn transitional shade that flirts with the softer side of colour. Going hand in hand with your knits and denim, we’re obsessed with its dreamy vibe. Charming, much?

Cocoa Loco Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Cocoa Loco Gel Nail Polish - photographed in New Zealand on model

The classic autumn nail shade – luxurious brown manicures are everywhere. The most popular colour for autumn, brown Gel Nail Polish is a must-have in your mani rotation. Enter Cocoa Loco – a warm brown infused with a hint of red, this decadent beauty is chocolate heaven. Painting the cosiest vibe, it pairs perfectly with toasty nights in, comfort movies, and steaming mugs of hot chocolate – consider us signed up.

Craving a richer, chocolate brown? Try 'Stumped', or drink up 'Espresso' for a deeper burgundy-based brown that's bordering on black. No matter your preference, a bottle of this season's must-have nail colour is a staple. Brown nails are stealing the spotlight as the top nail trend of autumn 2024.

Birthday Cake Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Birthday Cake Gel Nail Polish - photographed in New Zealand on model

Who says autumn nails have to be all dark and moody? Pastel pink manicures delight year-round, and this soft, sweet shade is the bubblegum hue you’ve been wishing for. Reminiscent of darling cashmere sweaters and scarves, Birthday Cake is the ultimate blend of luxury and joy. A pared-back take of your summery brights, this pink Gel Nail Polish is a slice of perfection. You’ll be craving it all autumn long.

Growin' Places Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Growin' Places Gel Nail Polish - photographed in New Zealand on model

Classy, check. Cosy, check. Totally autumn-approved, check. For those who love a richer manicure as the temperatures cool off, Growin’ Places is the earthy green Gel Nail Polish you’ve been searching for. Giving ‘old-money’ vibes, it’s a deep, yet vibrant shade that’s effortlessly timeless. Growing on you with every glance, it’s the perfect companion for all your autumn adventures. Time to cultivate your colour collection, gal.

Pistachio Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Pistachio Gel Nail Polish - photographed in New Zealand on model

A pastel Gel Nail Polish that’s forever shelling out the compliments, Pistachio brings a breath of fresh autumn air to your manicures. As the leaves begin to change, this is the supreme green to gently carry you into crisp mornings, woodland walks and sun-dappled afternoons. With a more muted tone, we’re calling it the perfect autumn pastel. Go nuts.

Call Me Maybe Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Call Me Maybe Gel Nail Polish - photographed in New Zealand on model

Bringing a pop of colour to your autumn ensemble, Call Me Maybe is the eye-catching pinky-purple polish that’s swooped us off our feet. Just like Carly Rae Jepsen’s absolute banger, you’re sure to come back to this shade time and time again. A playful colour that dials up the perfect DIY gel manicure, you’ll ‘fall’ in love with its flirty hues. Deeper-toned compared to your summery brights, it’s perfect for an autumnal yet feminine French Tip, or as a classic block colour. Call it up maybe?

Chrome French Tips Gel Nail Polish Art

Gelous Chrome French Tips Autumn Gel Nail Art - photographed in New Zealand on model

Maybe our favourite nail art look yet, these Chrome French Tips promise to electrify your autumn manicures. Both glam and insanely cool, start with a neutral base, such as Spilt Milk – one of our favourite sheer Gel Nail Polishes. Next, paint a French Tip using our gorgeous, autumnal green, Growin’ Places, and finish with a layer of Top Coat. Chrome manicures are never not having a moment, and best of all, they’re so easy to create. For this, soak a Lint Free Wipe in Nail Polish Remover and wipe the nail, before applying Lightning Aurora Chrome Powder in circular motions over top. Giving the most high-shine finish, dust off the excess powder using a Dust Brush and seal with a final layer of Top Coat to finish. Hello, trendy autumn nail art.

Looking for a tutorial?

To recreate this look, watch our 'Chrome French Tips' Gel Nail Art Tutorial on YouTube.

Autumn Flowers Gel Nail Polish Art

Gelous Autumn Flowers Gel Nail Art - photographed in New Zealand on model

Repeat after me: flowers aren’t just for spring and summer manicures. These Autumn Florals are giving the grooviest retro vibe, and we’re so here for it. Featuring the perfect seasonal palette, this set uses spicy orange, Red Desert, creamy nude, Milk and Honey, and cosy chocolate, Cocoa Loco. Nail art that looks impressive yet is deceivingly simple, flower designs are extra easy to create using a Dotting Tool. Simply apply five small dots in a circle to form your petals, and cure for 10 seconds. For a multi-layered look, repeat this step closer to the centre using a smaller Dotting Tool and a different shade. Finally, for the middle of your flower, simply apply one small dot in the centre. You can go all out with a full set of flowers, or mix and match your mani with some complementary coloured French Tips – take your pick. Autumn vibes: activated.

Looking for a tutorial?

To recreate this look, watch our 'Autumn Flowers' Gel Nail Art Tutorial on YouTube.

Pink Swirls Gel Nail Polish Art

Gelous Pink Swirls Autumn Gel Nail Art - photographed in New Zealand on model

Sweet and simple gel nail art, we’ve seen swirls recreated hundreds of times and it’s easy to see why. Stunning, yet so easy to recreate, you can never go wrong with their asymmetrical look. After completing your typical prep, Base Coat and Builder Gel steps, paint 1-2 thin coats of sheer Gel Nail Polish, Spilt Milk, and cure. Next, take your Thin Nail Art Brush and swirl Birthday Cake onto one half of your nail, filling it in once happy. Then, switch it up with Call Me Maybe on the other half to repeat the process. No need for perfection here—the beauty of swirls is you can just go with the flow. Worth getting your hands out of your mittens for, these two-toned Pink Swirls will have you nailing your autumn look. Swoon.

Looking for a tutorial?

To recreate this look, watch our 'Pink Swirls' - Gel Nail Art Tutorial on YouTube.

What better way to welcome the seasonal shift than with a cosy night in, painting your perfect manicure? With an abundance of autumn nail inspiration, discover your sweater weather staples with Gelous Vegan & Cruelty-Free Gel Nail Polish. Everything you need to spice up your manicures is right here.

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