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Hot or Not: The Best Thermal Gel Polishes for a Magical Mani

  • 4 min read

It’s official, this might be the hottest nail trend ever, and we’re utterly obsessed. Temperature-changing shades that defy ordinary manicures, Thermal Gel Nail Polishes bring that little bit of magic to our look that we’ve all been wishing for.

Heat-reactive hues that change colour based on temperature shifts, these mesmerising polishes offer two looks in one and endless fun, all with the same, easy application we love. Dip your fingertips into varying water temperatures to create jaw-dropping ombres, or try your hand with captivating colour-changing nail art. It’s all about playful experimentation with these effortlessly cool shades, and we couldn’t get our hands on them quicker. From subtle to vibrant, gel manicures have never been so fun with these Thermal Gel Nail Polishes. Read on to find your favourite!

Thermal Dreamscape Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Thermal Dreamscape gel nail polish - photographed in New Zealand on model

Can’t decide if you’re after a pink or purple manicure? This colour-changing beauty is the Thermal Gel Nail Polish of your dreams. At room temperature, this darling wears as a trendy violet purple, or as a deep blackcurrant when you chase the chill. Despite its depth when exposed to the cold, Thermal Dreamscape shifts to a sweet pink when the heat kicks in. This baby is the perfect blend of fairytale and fun.

Thermal Heat Wave Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Thermal Heat Wave gel nail polish - photographed in New Zealand on model

An easily wearable Colour-Changing Polish, Thermal Heatwave is a sun-kissed stunner. A soft, peachy nude at room temperature, this gem is gorgeously subtle for your everyday. As the temperature drops, this reactive Gel Polish ignites into a summery melon red, whilst as the heat wave hits, your nails blush into a delicate pink. A heat-sensitive staple, one thing’s for sure, you’ll never grow tired of this feminine sweetie.

Thermal Beach Babe Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Thermal Beach Babe gel nail polish - photographed in New Zealand on model

Thermal Beach Babe will have you riding the wave of colour-changing beauty, time and time again. A vacation for your fingertips, you’ll enjoy a raspberry-hued pink when the temperature dips, and a grape-hued purple when things return to room temp. Just when you think it couldn’t get any better, this summery Gel Nail Polish shifts to a breezy, light blue when the heat rises, channelling a fun-filled day at the beach wherever you go.

Thermal Bliss Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Thermal Bliss gel nail polish - photographed in New Zealand on model

If you’re a fan of Glittery Gel Nail Polish and oceanic blues, this heat-reactive hue is undoubtedly the shade for you. With its stunning holographic glitters, Thermal Bliss glistens its way through the changing temperatures to show off its sublime blue hues. When reacting to the cold, this Colour-Changing Gel Nail Polish becomes a calming cobalt blue, at room temperature a serene sea blue, and in the heat a deeper, cyan blue. With its dazzling holographic glitters scattered throughout, you’ll feel its bliss wash over you from the first coat. See it in action by watching our Thermal Gel Nail Polish application tutorial.

Thermal Happy Hour Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Thermal Happy Hour gel nail polish - photographed in New Zealand on model

A Gel Nail Polish that’s set to bring the party to your fingertips, Thermal Happy Hour is worth raising a glass to. Starting with a cool dip, when the temperature drops, your nails will light up in a bold hot pink, complete with a subtle shimmer. Transitioning to room temperature, this baby maintains its glamourous shimmer, transforming into a playful flamingo pink before cooling down to a light pink as the mercury rises. Echoing the lively spirit of a tropical happy hour, your nails will be the life of the party with this Thermal Gel Nail Polish. We’ll cheers to that!

Thermal Siesta Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Thermal Siesta gel nail polish - photographed in New Zealand on model

Thermal Siesta is all about hitting snooze and drifting off into moments of relaxation. As the temperature sits at room level, you’ll enjoy a darling, red-melon hue, deepening into a berry pink as you escape to the cool. When the heat intensifies, this beauty transforms into a pastel, wisteria purple, embodying the dreamy calm of a midday nap. A heat-reactive polish with a siesta-inspired palette will always be a winner.

Thermal Dusk Till Dawn Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Thermal Dusk Till Dawn gel nail polish - photographed in New Zealand on model

A colour-changing polish that oozes glamour, this opulent glitter blends sophistication with endless fun. Sparkling with silver glitter throughout, this dazzling beauty transforms into a dreamy mauve at room temperature, and a romantic rose-red as it cools. When the heat ramps up, Thermal Dusk Till Dawn transcends into the brilliance of a pure silver glitter, reflecting the beauty of a moonlit night. No matter the temperature, this ever-changing beauty captures glamour around the clock.

Thermal Island Time Gel Nail Polish

Gelous Thermal Island Time gel nail polish - photographed in New Zealand on model

Sun-soaked tranquillity, Thermal Island Time invites you to unwind in the lap of tropical luxury. A temperature-sensitive Gel Nail Polish that stays true to its refreshing blue hues, this serene shade is a real delight. In the cold, a medium aqua blue shimmering like a sun-lit island lagoon, whilst at room temp this baby shifts to a lighter aqua blue. In the heat, this shimmery reactive polish transitions into a fresh white with a hint of blue, for a tranquil take on island-inspired beauty. If you’re looking for a Gel Nail Polish shade that feels like a tropical holiday, Thermal Island Time is your go-to.

Fun AND pretty, Thermal Gel Nail Polishes bring a splash of magic to your manicures in the best way. Dive in with your favourite and melt into its beauty! Shop the Gelous Thermal Collection now.

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