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Eras Tour Nail Art: 7 Taylor Swift-Inspired Manicures to DIY

  • 7 min read

In your Taylor Swift era? Us too. Whether you’re headed to the Eras Tour, hosting a listening party, or simply showing off your Swiftie side, we know all too well you’re never fully dressed without the perfect manicure.

Here to help you polish up real nice, we’ve created an iconic collection of enchanting nail art designs inspired by Taylor Swift’s legendary eras. Complete with step-by-step tutorials, you can easily bring your favourite looks to life from the cosy comforts of your own home. From the pastel daydreams of ‘Lover’ to the edgy darkness of ‘Reputation’, read on to find your perfect Taylor Swift-inspired nail art look. 1, 2, 3… LGB!

1989 – Taylor Swift-Inspired Gel Nail Art

Gelous Taylor Swift 1989-inspired gel nail art - photographed in New Zealand on model

The gel manicure of your wildest dreams, this ‘1989’-inspired set will never go out of style. A tribute to an unforgettable era, ‘1989’ ranks among our top favourites, so we had to bring its fun, fresh vibe to our fingertips.

For this look, start with a coat of Blooming Gel over your base and leave it uncured. This unique Gel Nail Polish sets the stage for the next layer of polish to spread and bloom, creating a dreamy, marbled sky effect. Next, apply a sky-blue Gel Nail Polish like Rain Dance, and a sweet, sheer like Spilt Milk onto a Resin Nail Art Palette. Mix the colours with a Dotting Tool, scoop the mixture up with a Nail Art Brush, and sweep it across the nail to craft picturesque skylines. After curing, use our bright white Gel Nail Polish, Whiteout, to paint wave-like arches for your cloud tops, brushing downwards for that perfect fluffy finish. The final touch? Paint two delicate birds to bring your sky to life. Welcome to New York, it’s been waiting for you!

Looking for a tutorial?

To recreate this look, watch our ‘Taylor Swift - 1989’ Gel Nail Art Tutorial on YouTube.

Red – Taylor Swift-Inspired Gel Nail Art

Gelous Taylor Swift Red-inspired gel nail art - photographed in New Zealand on model

Perfect for beginners, this Taylor Swift-inspired nail art is simple yet stunning. Adorned with shimmer, sparkling stars and delicate hearts, this design effortlessly sets the stage for the ‘Red’ era.

Start with a coat of Fine Glitter Gel Nail Polish to sprinkle your nails with that sought-after sparkle. After curing, wipe down your nail with a Lint Free Wipe soaked in Gel Polish Remover, this will remove the tacky layer and help to ensure a seamless sticker application. Next, gently peel off your favourite heart from our Lover Nail Art Stickers and apply it to your nail. It’s a good idea to use Nail Art Tweezers for precise placement, and Silicone Tools come in handy for setting the Nail Stickers without any bubbles or creases. To create your dainty stars, dip a Dotting Tool into Whiteout and dot the centre of your star on the nail. Then, with a Thin Nail Art Brush, draw slender lines radiating from the centre to create your star’s points. Seal the deal with a Clear Rubber Top Coat, locking in your stickers and keeping your set fresh. I don’t know about you, but we’re feeling red through and through.

Looking for a tutorial?

To recreate this look, watch our ‘Taylor Swift - Red’ Gel Nail Art Tutorial on YouTube.

Debut – Taylor Swift-Inspired Gel Nail Art

Gelous Taylor Swift Debut-inspired gel nail art - photographed in New Zealand on model

Flutter into your most magical era with these butterfly-winged beauties. A design for the OG Swifties, these stunners channel the glittering innocence of Taylor Swift’s ‘Debut’ album.

For this look, we’ve opted for blue magnetic polishes for a multi-dimensional glitter effect. Sectioning the nail into thirds, apply Fantasy Wishing Well to the bottom of the nail, before using the round head of your Nail Art Magnet to move the glitter around. Once happy, cure for 10 seconds. Repeat with Fantasy Hallucination and Fantasy Enchantment across the remaining two sections of your nail. Taking in the way your blue nails shine, begin painting your butterfly wing by first outlining the nail using a Thin Nail Art Brush and Black Out. Within your border, paint elongating petal-like shapes to mimic the delicate structure of a wing, and fill in the gaps. Highlight the design's intricate patterns by dotting Whiteout on the broader black sections, bringing your butterfly wing to life.Pairing perfectly with your Eras Tour friendship bracelets, a manicure that pays homage to Taylor Swift’s debut album will always be adored.

Looking for a tutorial?

To recreate this look, watch our ‘Taylor Swift - Debut Album’ Gel Nail Art Tutorial on YouTube.

Reputation – Taylor Swift-Inspired Gel Nail Art

Gelous Taylor Swift Reputation-inspired gel nail art - photographed in New Zealand on model

Are you ready for it? A daring duo of black French Tips and slithering snakes, this ‘Reputation’-inspired design is the most wicked of them all. Not only badass, this defiant set is also easily achieved with our Snakes Nail Stickers.

Start with a pristine, neutral foundation by layering Pink Rubber Base, Pink Builder Gel and Spilt Milk for that signature blank canvas. Then, channel the album’s edgy aesthetic by painting a sharp, black-glitter tip using a Thin Nail Art Brush and Starry Night. Previously struggled with freehand French tips and felt like you 'did something bad?' Simplify the process with our French Nail Tip Guides, tidying any edges with a Nail Art Brush before curing for a no-regrets finish. For your snake signature, peel off your favourite serpent from our sheet of Bad Reputation Stickers, and cleanse the nail with Remover. Trim as needed for a perfect fit, then firmly press it onto your nail with a Silicone Tool. Finally, seal in your masterpiece with a coat of Rubber Top Coat. Bold, unapologetic, and distinctly ‘Reputation’. Let the games begin.

Looking for a tutorial?

To recreate this look, watch our ‘Taylor Swift - Reputation’ Gel Nail Art Tutorial on YouTube.

Lover – Taylor Swift-Inspired Gel Nail Art

Gelous Taylor Swift Lover-inspired gel nail art - photographed in New Zealand on model

A love letter to the ‘Lover’ era, this manicure embraces the lighter, romantic side of Taylor Swift’s dreamiest album.

Start with one to two coats of sky-blue polish, Rain Dance, and cure after each layer. Next, to echo this era’s dreamy mood, apply Blooming Gel to your nails and leave it uncured. Following this, swipe pastel-hued darlings, Hey Sweets, Peach of Cake, Lemon Sorbet and Just White on a Resin Nail Art Palette to create a delicate canvas of colour. With your Oblique Brush scoop up Hey Sweets and Just White, waving them diagonally down the nail to create fluffy pink clouds reminiscent of the album’s fairytale-like cover. Dab Lemon Sorbet down the sides for subtle bursts of sunshine, and surround your clouds with Peach of Cake for a stunning sunset vibe. Letting each layer whisper tales of pastel-hued love stories, complete the look with a hand-painted, Very Berry heart. Capturing ‘Lover’s’ sweet and soft aesthetic, this dreamy nail art is the perfect accompaniment to belting out the 'Cruel Summer' bridge from both the Eras Tour and your bedroom. We’ll always have a soft spot for this gel mani, ‘forever and ever’.

Looking for a tutorial?

To recreate this look, watch our ‘Taylor Swift - Lover’ Gel Nail Art Tutorial on YouTube.

Midnights – Taylor Swift-Inspired Gel Nail Art

Gelous Taylor Swift Midnights-inspired gel nail art - photographed in New Zealand on model

Wearing the night sky one nail at a time, this ‘Midnights’-inspired nail art promises to make the whole place shimmer. Rest assured, we’ll help you through recreating it – you’ll never be ‘on your own kid’.

Bathed in moonlight, set the tone by first painting a striking French tip using a jet black Gel Nail Polish. Cure, and layer Fantasy Enchantment over your French tip, a cool blue magnetic polish that brings dazzling depth to your manicure. Using the Gelous Nail Art Magnet, swirl the glitter into your desired pattern, and cure to capture the moment frozen in time. Next, bejewel your design with the reflective stars of our Enchanted Nail Stickers, strategically placed to sparkle like constellations in the midnight sky. Once sealed with a Rubber Top Coat, best believe you’ll be manicured in magic. Not only album of the year, this ‘Midnights’-inspired nail art might also be the gel mani of the year.

Looking for a tutorial?

To learn how to use Gelous cat-eye polishes, watch our ‘Magnetic Polish Variations’ Gel Nail Art Tutorial on YouTube.

Eras Tour Mix & Match – Taylor Swift-Inspired Gel Nail Art

Gelous Taylor Swift Eras gel nail art - photographed in New Zealand on model

The ultimate manicure for Swifties, these mix-and-match Eras Tour nails are truly iconic. With a design for every era, each album gets a special feature at your fingertips.

For ‘Speak Now’, we’ve painted a Blooming Gel beauty using enchanting shades of purple Gel Nail Polish, whilst for ‘Fearless’, a glittery Poppin' Bottles tip complete with a lucky number 13. For ‘Red’, there’s only mad love for this darling heart tip, effortlessly painted with Red Sass and embellished with a dainty star. Our take on ‘1989’ showcases the euphoric beauty of the big city skyline, whilst for ‘Reputation’ the fierceness of black French tips and slithering snakes. Our ‘Debut’-inspired design always makes hearts flutter, with glittery blues and whimsical butterfly wings that make for a magical addition to your Eras Tour outfit. A look made for the pastel Gel Nail Polish lovers, our ‘Lover’ tribute is all fairytales and daydreams with a blend of delicate shades and a berry-pink heart, whilst for 'Evermore', a rustic plaid tip. Not pictured: a moody ‘Midnights’ French tip and a metallic Mirrorball paying homage to ‘Folklore’. Why pick one, when you can have them all? Let your nails sing the anthems of every Taylor Swift era with this perfectly mismatched set.

Swifties, it’s time to enter your DIY gel nail art era. The vault is open – choose your favourite Taylor Swift-inspired design and give yourself the star treatment. Whether you’re getting Eras Tour-ready or just channelling your inner Swiftie, Gelous has got everything you need to complete your look with nails that’ll steal the spotlight. We’d love to see your Eras-inspired manicures – tag us!

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