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Colour Codes

Colour Codes for Gel Nail Polish with unnamed packaging.

A Dozen Roses RE36
A Hint of Pink RE108
A Little Bit Nude SU05
A Mermaid's Tale SP04
Act Your Beige  A08
Alchemy ZG133
Amazonian GR09
An Apple a Day  Avocado Series 02 (AVC02)
Angelic RE104
Appletini Avocado 01 (AVC01)
Arabesque RE105
Arabian Nights PU04
Atlantis KE05
Attention Seeker ZG46
Au Naturel NU37
Baby Blues KE16
Baby Cakes WF08
Back to the Fuchsia Z3251
Bahama Mama SS09
Bare It All KE111
Berry Crush C13
Berry Nice RE72
Better Slate Than Never H18
Better With Sage GR16
Bewitched ZG109
Black Magic KE104
Black Out KE11
Blood Lust Holographic Disco Gel 009 (HDG009)
Blossom PU19
Blue Haze NU66
Blue Jean Baby BL18
Blue Spring SL11
Bubblegum SU63
Burlesque RDD09
Cabin Fever WS03
Candy Shop SU45
Chameleon Mermaid Gel Polish 01 (MM01)
Champagne Showers ZG20
Chin Up Buttercup YE42
Chocolate Milk KE46
Chunky Glitter SP36
Cliff Hanger NU43
Cobalt BL02
Colonel Mustard KE96
Coral Baskin SU68
Coral's Reef YE27
Crocodile Tears WF16
Cupcake RE110
Custard Cream SU03
Damn You're Pine GR06
Dancing in the Moonlight ZG08
Dancing Queen N17
Daredevil F12
Darkest Forest GR02
Dawn Glow M13
Daydreaming SU39
Deep Blue Sea WF15
Digital Lavender Macaron Series 08 (MC08)
Dirtbag KE23
Dolly SU47
Don't Trick Me, Treat Me QY Series 035
Dracula's Bride RE29
Drama Queen PU28
Dreamland SU40
Drop of Poison PU51
Duck, Duck, Goose A36
Dusty Pink NU08
Earthy Red V05
Easy Tiger Z3256
Elderberry WS36
Espresso V13
Euphoria PU43
Excite-Mint KE88
Fairy Dust NU82
Fairy Godmother Shining Stars 03
Far Far Away KE122
Fine Glitter SP41
Fire My Desire SU84
Float Away SU36
Forget Me Not SU74
French Kiss IT12
Fruit Salad RE63
Galaxy Bellatrix Magic Box Cat Eye Gel 019 (MBCE019)
Galaxy Hypnotic Dazzling Cat Eye (DCEZ261)
Galaxy Interstellar  8D Cat Eye (8DCE12)
Galaxy Pink Champagne 3D Cat Eye (3DCE05)
Galaxy Transcendence  Holographic Glitter Cat Eye (HGCE)
Garden of Eden  Emerald Series 09
Garden Party GR13
Girl About Town KE68
Girl Talk RE83
Glass Slipper KE84
Glitter Baby RE113
Gold Digger KE103
Golden Rose WS54
Good as Gold ZG66
Gossip Girl SU52
Grape Jelly PU13
Green Tinsel SP07
Green With Envy BL46
Grey Skies NU54
Heart of Stone NU93
Heart of the Ocean BL14
Hey Sailor A46
Hey Sweets A26
Hit the Clay NU10
Hollywood Girl Z3260
Honey Bunny F16
Honey Mustard KE113
Hurricane Alley KE08
Ice Cold Z3246
Ice Queen SP38
Iced Mocha Winter Sonata 06 (WS06)
Icing on the Cake Winter Sonata 15 (WS15)
In the Navy BL04
Into the Blue H26
Just Chillin' KE15
Just Peachy NU22
Just White RE119
Kiss and Tell NU32
Kiss My Peach SU01
Lady in Red RE124
Lavender Whisper SU38
Lazuli Z3263
Lemon Sorbet SU28
Let's Be Frank F-0368
Life on Mars YE11
Lilac Ice KE79
Lime Sorbet SU57
Little Charmer SU42
Little Princess N08
Loch Ness NU72
Making Me Blush KE73
Matcha BL36
Mauvelous NU90
Midnight Blues WF29
Milky Way SP32
Mint to Be BL40
Misty Skies KE90
Moody in Mauve V04
Moss Hysteria NU69
Muddy Rose KE47
Mull It Over WF25
Murder on the Dancefloor  Goddess Series 10 (GS10)
Mysterious Girl ZG42
Neon - Barbie RE121
Neon - Green H05
Neon - Pink A01
Neon - Tangelo SU90
Neon - Yellow A05
Neptune SU79
Nerves of Teal BL54
Never Never Land GR03
Ocean Breeze H22
On the Down Low IT01
Once in a Blue Moon Cinderella Series 06 (CS06)
One in a Melon SL04
Orange Sherbet KE63
P.S. Olive You GR23
Paint the Town Red SL02
Papaya RE127
Peach of Cake SU62
Peaches and Cream A29
Pining for You A38
Pink Cashmere Lotus Root Pink 01 (LRP01)
Pink Lady RE91
Pinot Noir KE100
Playing With Fire RE08
Poison Apple RR04
Poppin Bottles KE115
Pretty in Pink RE90
Prima Donna C16
Proper Copper ZG43
Pucker Up CC08
Purple Reign SS013
Purplexed PU18
Rain Dance SU76
Razzle Dazzle SP29
Read Between the Limes SU58
Real Juicy RE16
Red Desert YE17
Red Sass RE01
Red Tinsel ZG94
Red Velvet RE42
Redwood NU76
Rich Mahogany RE37
Rose Tinted Glasses ZG21
Seashell Summer Sweet 02 (SS02)
Send Nudes NU20
Serene Green SU56
Settle Petal RE77
Shimmer Me Timbers M02
Shy Girl RE112
Silver Lining ZG14
Sipping Sangria WS57
Siren N01
Skipping Stones NU48
Smoke and Mirrors M04
Smoke on the Water NU51
Snow Place Like Home N04
Socialite Star Diamond 05 (SD05)
Solar Flare ZG58
Sourpuss Z3250
Sparkling Rose ZG138
Spellbound RG06
Spilt Milk Pearl Pink 39 (PP39)
Stardust KE118
Starlet RG01
Starry Night ZG130
Steel My Thunder Midnight Bay 11 (MB11)
Stormy Seas SS017
Strawberry Kisses A15
Stuck in the Mud KE31
Stumped V10
Sugar and Spice KE81
Sunset Boulevard ZG12
Sunset in Sedona NU17
Swan Lake RE120
Sweet Nectar SU16
Sweet Nothings CC19
Sweet Tooth  Summer Sweet 11 (SS11)
That's Hot ZG85
That's Mint Macaron Series 11 (MC11)
That's the Clay It Is NU88
The Real Teal BL48
Through the Grapevine PU53
Thyme to Shine Rock & Disco Dancing Gel 11 (RDD11)
Tickled Pink PU38
Tiffany Blues SU54
Tropic Like It's Hot SU66
Tropical Punch F11
Tutu Midnight Bay 02 (MDB02)
Twilight Twinkle ZG41
Under the Moon M01
Utopia BL31
Vampy Purple PU50
Vanilla Latte SS019
Very Berry PU31
Vintage Rose RE74
Violet Delights F-0828
Vitamin Sea H16
Voodoo ZG104
Walking on Eggshells SU33
Walking on Sunshine  Z3254
Wanderlust ZG28
We're Going To Ibiza BL22
We're Not in Kansas Anymore N15
When It Rains It Pours  Cinderella Series 05 (CS05)
Whiteout Cinderella Series 07 (CS07)
Wild Child KE93
Wildfire YE03
Winter Wonderland WF18
Wisteria Lane PU20
Witching Hour ZG114
Woodland KE26
Zest for Life SS07