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Why Swatch Sticks Are a Must-Have In Your Gelous Gel Nail Polish Collection

  • 2 min read

POV: You’ve bought so many Gelous Gel Nail Polish colours that you forget which ones you have. This is where our Swatch Sticks come into play... 

Swatch Sticks keep your Gel Nail Polish collection organised

Gelous Swatch Sticks are an essential part of any Gel Nail Polish collectors repertoire. We pride ourselves on finding unique and fun Gel Polish colours that will suit absolutely everyone’s individual style and colour preferences. For this reason, we have released A LOT of Gel Nail Polish colours since our inception and are continuing to do so! If you’re obsessed with collecting the colours like us, you’ll find that it’s hard to keep track of them all. There’s no better way to keep your collection organised than swatching each colours on our Swatch Sticks

With so many colours to choose from, many of us are bound to double up. Swatch Sticks provide you a visual representation of the Gel Nail Polish colours you already have, meaning you won’t accidentally buy two of the same colour! You can see your collection up close and personal, allowing you to figure out which colours are lacking, which colours you gravitate towards and not to mention you get the satisfaction of having all of your beautiful colours presented in a fun and practical way!

Swatch Sticks help you choose what Gel Polish to apply next

We all know when you’re getting ready to paint your nails, the hardest decision is always choosing the colour. Not only do Swatch Sticks help organise your collection, they also help you to choose your next gel manicure colour easily.You can hold the colours to your nails in real time and see what you’re feeling in the moment. Due to changing seasons, tans come and go, so a colour that looked amazing against your sun kissed skin a few months ago may no longer look the same. Swatch Sticks give you a way to check your colour options and ensure you’re picking just the right colour for you. This also means you don’t have to open and close your Gel Nail Polish bottles to check the colours - a win-win for polish longevity and time saving!

Swatch Sticks help with gel manicure experimentation

When you're wanting to try your hand at some nail art or some multiple colour manicures, choosing complementary colours is essential and Swatch Sticks make it easy. Start out with the Gel Nail Polish colour that inspired your nail art and then hold it up against your other swatched colours to see how they work together. You will find so many exciting colour combinations that will make your nail art pop and leave everyone asking about your manicure!

Enjoy viewing your Gelous Gel Nail Polish colours in a beautiful, fun and functional way with our Swatch Sticks, available online now. They truly are a game changer in any gel manicure lovers kit!

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