UV/LED Gel Nail Lamp User Guide

  1. Remove the UV/LED Gel Nail Lamp and DC Adaptor from packaging.
  2. Remove the blue film on base plate and the clear film over the timer.
  3. Connect the DC Adaptor.
  4. Plug the DC Adaptor into a power socket and switch the power socket on.
  5. After painting your nails with Gel Nail Polish, place your hand or foot inside the UV/LED Gel Nail Lamp.
  6. Press the 60S button to start the 48W 60 second countdown timer. Cure for the full 60 seconds, then repeat with your second hand.

Curing Options

Curing Option 1: Press the 10S, 30S or 60S buttons to start the 48W countdown timer.

Curing Option 2: Place hand inside the UV/LED Gel Nail Lamp to start the timer from 0-119 seconds.

Curing Option 3: Press the ON / OFF button to switch the power from 48W to the 24W low-heat mode. You can then use for 0-99 seconds.