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Gelous vs Epic Nail - Why Gelous is the Best Epic Nail Alternative

  • 6 min read

Setting out on your at-home gel nail journey or simply looking to up your manicure game? While Gelous and Epic Nail both offer gel nail products, Gelous reigns supreme as the ultimate choice for flawless at-home manicures. 

With a far superior range, Gelous’ easy-to-use nail products are designed with people just like you in mind. Well-loved for their lasting power, our superior formula paired with our extraordinary support makes for a salon-quality result, every time.

Epic Nail on the other hand falls short, with a limited selection of uninspiring products and an inadequate level of support that largely leaves you on your own. But that’s why when stacked up against each other, Gelous takes the crown. 

5 reasons why Gelous is the best alternative to Epic Nail

Unparalleled Range

Gelous Storage Case With UV/LED Gel Nail Lamp, Range of Gel Nail Polishes, Gel Nail Art Stickers and Resin Nail Art Palette inside - photographed in New Zealand

In order to bring your dream manicures to life, having an extensive selection of choice is crucial in keeping your sets fresh and exciting. That’s why Gelous offers a Gel Nail Polish collection that surpasses Epic Nail by twofold. With over 300 polishes that span the full spectrum of colour, finish and function, Gelous has got everything you need to create truly show-stopping manicures. A one-stop shop for all your at-home gel nail needs, Gelous goes above and beyond, not only in our polish selection but across the whole range. By comparison, Epic Nail will only serve to let you down.

With Gelous, you'll have the power of choice. Whether you love a sophisticated neutral, charming pastel or the spiciest of neons, we’ve got you covered. After some shimmering allure? Prepare to be captivated by our Glitter Gel Nail Polishes. Craving minimalistic beauty? Embrace the effortless elegance of our Sheer Gel Nail Polishes. Or, if you’re feeling something different, step into the spotlight with one of our Special Finish Gel Nail Polishes - all of which Epic Nail doesn’t stock. With these, you’re free to delight in the pure beauty of our Pearlescent collection, explore otherworldly realms with our Glow in the Dark and Galaxy polishes, or fully unleash your creativity with our Blooming Gel to create effortless designs such as tortoiseshell, watercolour and marble. Unlike other brands, we’ve made certain there is something for everyone. Our extensive range opens up a world of infinite possibilities, and that includes the ever-popular nail art.

We believe that nail art is for everyone, regardless of skill level or the stage of your at-home gel nail journey. That’s why we offer an vast selection of Chrome Powders, Nail Art Tools, Stickers, Transfers and Foils, so you can create awe-inspiring designs with ease - even as a total beginner. On the other hand, Epic Nail misses the mark in this area, offering limited options or completely lacking them altogether. Why confine your creativity when there is so much room to flourish? Once you’ve experienced the Gelous difference, you’ll never look back.

Longer, Stronger Manicures

Gelous Green Checkers Wavy French Tip Gel Nail Art - photographed in New Zealand on model

At Gelous, we’re committed to providing you with gel manicures that are built to last. When it comes to wear time, Gelous outshines Epic Nail by far. With proper prep, application, and aftercare, you can rely on your manicures to last well beyond Epic Nail's 14-day mark. We promise salon-quality results, and we mean it. That means giving you the tools to create beautiful, long-lasting manicures that truly reflect the salon experience.

With Gelous, you’ll find specially formulated products such as Rubber Base Coats and Builder Gels, fundamentally designed to enhance the strength of your manicures and extend their lifespan. Cult favourites, our customers rave about these products, seeing their manicures last well beyond two weeks without any signs of fading, peeling or chipping. Only removing their sets simply because they’ve grown out, you won’t find these game-changing options with Epic Nail. For manicures that not only look stunning but truly withstand the test of time, Gelous is the clear choice.

Uncompromising Quality 

Gelous Vanilla Latte gel nail polish - photographed in New Zealand on model

Keeping it clean is in our ethos. To us, taking care of you and the world around us is a no-brainer, and we think that's how it should be. With Gelous, you’ll discover our Gel Nail Polish is vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic (10-free), meaning it’s free from 10 harmful chemicals commonly found in nail polish. Why would you settle for any less? Your health is of the utmost importance, and it’s our priority as much as it is yours.

While Gelous is devoted to providing high-quality, durable and ethical gel nail products that prioritise both the environment and your wellbeing, the same level of transparency and commitment cannot be seen from Epic Nail. With no information on product ingredients, brand values or ethical practices, it’s clear that they fall short. No matter what you’re buying, it’s essential to understand what you’re truly getting - it’s as simple as that. At Gelous, we ensure full transparency, so you can have complete peace of mind when it comes to the safety and quality of your nail products. Using ethical production practices, sustainable packaging and high-quality, non-toxic ingredients to craft superior formulas, our products offer the professional result you deserve. No compromising around here.

Exceptional Support

Gelous French Tip Florals Gel Nail Art - photographed in New Zealand on model

At Gelous, we're more than just a nail product brand - we're a thriving community of gel nail enthusiasts who are passionate about helping you achieve the perfect manicure. Whether you're a total beginner venturing into the world of gel nails or seeking to step up your mani game, we're committed to guiding you every step of the way. Our dedication sets us apart from Epic Nail, where our support extends well beyond your purchase.

Explore our ever-expanding YouTube channel for a diverse collection of detailed tutorials, from manicure basics to intricate nail art, or join our Facebook community to connect with like-minded individuals who are eager to offer their support and advice. Stay inspired with our weekly mini nail-art tutorials and up-to-date with the latest trends through our informative blogs. Need direct assistance? Our friendly team is just a live chat, phone call, or email away. At Gelous, we ensure your gel nail experience is seamless and truly enjoyable, that’s why we continually go above and beyond what Epic Nail offers. You can trust us to make your journey towards a flawless manicure a breeze.

Customisable Starter Kits

Gelous UV/LED Gel Nail Polish Application With Bright Gel Nail Polish - photographed in New Zealand on model

It’s no secret that everyone has their unique tastes, after all, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to favourite nail polish shades. So why should you have to fit into a cookie-cutter when you’re just starting out? Unlike Epic Nail, which offers a limited selection of pre-packed starter kits with pre-determined colours, Gelous offers you the freedom to fully customise your Gel Starter Kit with any shade you like. Plus, with various size options and enticing add-ons like scented Cuticle Oils and Matte Top Coats, your kit becomes a true reflection of yourself. We ensure that your at-home nail journey sets off on the best foot, with a gel manicure that’s completely tailored to you. 

For an at-home gel nail experience that lives up to its promise of fun, opt for a Gelous Starter Kit. These highly sought-after packs equip you with everything you need to get started, including a Base Coat, Top Coat, Colour Coat of your choice, UV/LED Gel Nail Lamp, Nail File, Orangewood Cuticle Sticks, Cuticle Oil, Lint-Free Wipes and Manicure Removal Clips. Designed to make your manicures as easy as possible, you’re free to focus on the fun part - fully immersing yourself in creativity.

Not only is Gelous the best starting point, but it’s also the ultimate ongoing destination for support as you progress. With a vast selection of discounted Multi-Polish Packs, twice as extensive as the range offered by Epic Nail, Gelous makes it effortless for you to grow your collection and perfect your manicures to your heart's content. With Gelous, the power of choice is yours, and it’s yours to explore.  

What our customers say about us

Gelous is a longer-lasting, better-supported and far superior-ranged at-home gel nail solution than Epic Nail, but why just take our word for it? Check out what other people just like yourself have to say. 

“I have used other gel brands at home before and they were a disaster. Gelous has changed my life, I am obsessed! Not only do they have an amazing colour range and accessories, they are affordable and have saved me hundreds. I haven’t been to the nail salon in a year. Highly recommend!!!” 
- Chelsea

“I’ve used a few different brands in the past but Gelous is by far my favourite. The gels are long lasting, I haven’t had any lifting or chipping and the colour range is amazing! Definitely recommend for any level of skill.”
- Cassie

“Absolutely love my collection of gels from Gelous. From starter kit bundles to brushes, foils, stickers, different finishes, different bases... All tastes and nail art styles are accounted for. The website is easy to use, products are high quality and all the information you need for application and removal is all there at your (freshly manicured) fingertips.”
- Belinda

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