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5 Gelous Gel Nail Polish Colours to Improve your Mood

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Life has been tough for everyone recently, especially with the nightmare that was 2020, so we're here to tell you about some gorgeous Gelous Gel Nail Polish colours that are sure to brighten your mood and your outfit!

#1 | Chin Up Buttercup

First up we have Chin Up Buttercup. The name alone is letting you know what this colour will do for you, but let us explain further. Yellow is associated with cheerfulness, energy, optimism and willingness to grow. We often think about the sun rising and sunflowers blooming when we see the colour yellow, so slap this beautiful sunny pastel on to remind yourself to rise and shine bright everyday, just like the sun!

Chin Up Buttercup Gel Nail Polish


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#2 | Red Sass

Red Sass is the perfect colour for when you’re needing a confidence boost. Red has been shown to make people feel excited, passionate, courageous and confident. Wearing this shade will let everyone know you mean business.

Red Sass Gel Nail Polish

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#3 | Neon Green

If you’re feeling bold, try our Neon Green. It’s fun, bright and sure to grab people's attention. Green is seen as a colour of growth, harmony and kindness. A green neon is the perfect shade for summer and a great way to bring summer to you during those colder months.

Neon Green Gel Nail Polish

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#4 | Heart of the Ocean

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and need a colour to bring you back down to earth, Heart of the Ocean is it. Blue evokes feelings of tranquility, reliability, peacefulness and so much more. Take some time for yourself and practice gratitude. Remind yourself of all the things going right in your life before you overwhelm yourself with the things that aren't. Whenever you look down at your serene blue nails, try to think about what you are grateful for and continue on with your day like the King or Queen you are.

Heart of the Ocean Gel Nail Polish

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#5 | Razzle Dazzle

Last but certainly not least, we have the dazzling Razzle Dazzle. Having glittery nails makes it almost impossible not to be in a good mood. If Elle Woods taught us anything, it’s that pink is the ultimate everyday colour. Pair it with glitter and you’ll feel unstoppable.

Razzle Dazzle Gel Nail Polish

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We hope these suggestions have given you some inspiration to brighten your mood and take time for yourself.

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