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Your Ultimate Guide to Beautiful At Home Gel Manicures

  • 4 min read

With all this time on our hands thanks to Covid-19 keeping us at home, why not pamper yourself while learning to master the art of a beautiful at home gel manicure or gel pedicure?

Let us give you all our tips and tricks to use your Gel Nail Polish Kit to create the perfect DIY manicure experience!

First off, it’s all about the nails.

If your nails easily bend and break you probably want to take some time to give your them some much needed TLC. Nails that bend and move too much can cause the Gel Nail Polish to peel away from nails easily. You can take care of this by applying our ORLY Nail Defense and Cuticle Oil to strengthen your nails. You’ll want to do this until your nails feel noticeably stronger and have minimal bend when you push down on them.

Now onto the next step — nail preparation.

This step is incredibly important if you want a manicure that meets salon quality in finish and longevity. Before you apply your first layer of Gel Nail Polish, you want to buff down the surface of your nails using our Nail File. Buff your nails in one direction, paying close attention to the sides of your nails and near the cuticles, as these are often the areas that start to lift first if not buffed enough. You want to make sure the surface of your nail looks dull, not shiny. The reason behind this is to rough up the surface area that the Gel Nail Polish is going to stick to, helping it grip to your nails.

Cleaning up the residue.

Once your nails have been thoroughly buffed and prepped, you will need to clean them to ensure there is no leftover debris. Dust, oil or anything else on the nail has got to go! Take your ORLY Genius Nail Polish Remover and apply it to a Lint Free Wipe, cleaning on top of the nails, around the cuticles, sides, and even under your nails too! Get right in there. You want to make sure that there is nothing that could hinder a smooth application of your Gel Nail Polish. Removing the residue on your nails can make all the difference!

Now we’re ready to paint, woohoo!

Set your manicure station up somewhere comfortable, clean and away from any pets to avoid lint or hairs sticking to your UV LED Gel Nail Polish. To apply each coat of your Gel Nail Polish, start a bit above the cuticle and ‘push’ the Gel Polish gently towards it, leaving a thin gap between the edge of the Gel Polish and your cuticle. Following this, pull one stroke up the center, one up each side and finally ‘cap’ the nail by running the brush horizontally over the tip. Take care to apply thin, even coats of Gel Nail Polish over your nail to ensure proper curing and reduce the likelihood of peeling or chipping. Don’t forget to avoid getting any Gel  Polish on your skin or cuticle. If you do, you can simply remove it with an Orangewood Cuticle Stick or Lint Free Wipe before curing.

The layers. 

Start with your Base Coat, then cure it for a minute under the UV LED Gel Nail Lamp. Following this, you can then add your Gelous Colour Coat. We recommend 2-3 thin coats of your Colour Coat to get maximum cover, curing after each coat for 60 seconds with the UV LED Gel Nail Lamp. Now you need to apply your Top Coat. We have a Matte Top Coat or Glossy Top Coat to give you options to slay your gel manicure in whichever way you want. Remember, an added bonus with Gel Nail Polish is that it is easily workable, as it only dries when placed under the UV Gel Nail Lamp, so you can ensure each layer of UV LED Gel Polish is perfect before curing it.

Now we’re almost at the end of your epic at home manicure.

Just a few more things that will really bring that manicure home! Use our Cuticle Oil regularly to moisturise your cuticles and keep your nails looking fresher for longer. Hand moisturisers and masks, such as ORLY Hydrating Creme and Jema Rose 8+ Minute Hand Mask are great too, to keep your whole hand moisturised and soft. Lastly, try to avoid washing dishes or cleaning products without gloves as this can sometimes mess with the texture and longevity of Gel Nail Polish. These last few steps really do make all the difference when taking your at home manicure from good to great!

Hopefully these tips and tricks will help be on your way to creating salon-quality gel manicures from the comfort of your own home. We’d love to see your epic DIY gel manicures, so don’t forget to tag us in your photos on Instagram and Facebook so we can check them out!

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