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Our Top Gel Nail Polish Removal Tips and Tricks

  • 3 min read

So, you’ve had your lovely gel manicure on for two weeks and the time has now come to remove and re-apply.

We all know that the removal process is the least enjoyable step in keeping up that gorgeous looking mani. So, here’s some tips and tricks to make your Gel Nail Polish removal easy as pie!

It is extremely important to make sure you have a relatively fresh Nail File that hasn’t been used more than 3-4 times. If you try extending the use of this little baby out too long it won’t be as effective and will take even longer to remove the Top Coat - nobody wants that!

Using the rough side of the Nail File, gently buff away all of the Top Coat making sure to get down all sides of your nail so the entire shiny surface has been removed. If your Gel Nail Polish was applied with quite a few colour coats, then removing a bit of the colour will also help during soak time. Just be gentle with it - don't file all the way down to the nail.

Speed up the soak time by doing both hands at the same time. We like to fold our Lint Free Wipes in squares when we soak them in Nail Polish Remover so that they can hold more of the liquid. Start by clipping on the pinky, ring and middle finger of each hand with the Manicure Removal Clips, then move to the index finger of each hand, and finally the thumbs. Make sure to press down after clipping to keep the area air-tight. A sufficient soak time is between 10-20 minutes depending on how thick your polish was. If you're struggling to clip the Manicure Removal Clips on your thumbs, we suggest doing one hand at a time, or asking someone for a hand. 

After the soak, your Gel Nail Polish should have mostly lifted and be very easy to gently remove with your Orangewood Cuticle Sticks. If there are any little bits that don't lift right off, very gently buff with the fine side of the Nail File. If no lifting occurs and the Gel Nail Polish is still very hard to remove, you may need to soak a second time. This could be due to not buffing enough the first time around, not having enough Nail Polish Remover on, the Nail Polish Remover drying out, or not soaking for long enough. 

Remember, if you have applied Builder Gel you do not need to completely remove this during each removal process.

After your removal is complete, wash your hands after and finish off with our nourishing Cuticle Oil and Hand Cream. If you’re applying fresh Gel Nails straight after the removal, then don’t apply oil or cream until the end, so the oils don’t ruin application. Make sure to softly buff back nails again with the Nail File before application. If your nails feel a bit sensitive, we advise waiting 1-2 weeks before applying again. Take this time to replenish your hands and nails with theCuticle Oil and Hand Cream.
And there you have it, some little tricks that have helped us and our customers with the removal of our manicures. We hope these tips will be useful to incorporate into your gel mani removal routine as well.

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